Termite Inspection Done Right!

Termites can go undetected for years before an untrained eye will detect visible signs of termite destruction. From wood fences to the structure of your home or business, termites will severely damage your property in Sulphur, LA if left unseen. When you schedule an termite inspection with Rid-A-Bug.

Our expert inspectors will have the knowledge, technology and equipment to determine if your home is vulnerable to termite infestation in 25 mile radius from Sulphur, LA. But even as trained professionals, we can only physically inspect roughly 20-30% of a typical structure. That leaves 70-80% of your home inaccessible for visual inspection! Since no individual can see inside your walls, underneath floor coverings, behind exterior cladding or behind insulation, your best option is to take proactive termite control measures by contacting us now regarding termite monitoring and termite treatments to eliminate any termites on your property.

Rid-A-Bug provides the termite inspection service you need. Call (337) 527-0067 right away!

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